Never take Oracle’s recommended minimums as gospel. Double them.

I’m installing Oracle Database 11gR2 into a VM on my Mac for testing a few things. Reading Oracle’s docs, they state minimum recommended is 2GB Ram, 1GB Swap on Solaris 11 x64. No big deal, right? Yeah, well the installer blows up with ‘out of memory errors’. At first, I thought it was possibly ulimit errors, since I had plenty of disk space. Checking the system logs doesn’t seem to say much, but eventually I got a line about out of swap space…Ugh.

Shut down the VM, bump it to 3GB, restart and then change swap to 6GB. At least using ZFS makes this brain-dead simple. There is no need to boot to single user mode, this can be done while the system is running:

zfs set volsize=6G rpool/swap

I’d forgotten how much I like ZFS. Shame Apple killed support for it in Mac OSX 10.6.