Open house


I was at a neighborhood craft fair on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, talked with a number of people there. Many people expressed interest in having their portrait done. Ido saw you there please contact me!

There is another one that I will be at in June. When I get the exact date, I will post it here. Weather permitting, I will have my camera and lights and will waive sitting fees for portraits.

Highland Cove Photo Shoot


Had an excellent portrait shoot at Highland Cove senior center yesterday. Wonderful people to work with. I did mostly headshots, although there were a few ladies that I had to capture the wonderful outfits they were wearing.

Pictures in the gallery soon.

This is the Droid you are looking for.


Just got a Droid incredible. It’s quite a nice phone. So far my biggest complaint is that it doesn’t easily sync with my mac’s address book and calendars. Going to have to look at using a third party product.

Starting to get things filled out.


I’ve started filling out the various areas on the site with both my hobbies and professional interests. Please use the comment system to start letting me know what you want to see.

Gallery is back


The gallery is back. There was a bug in the first tarball package.

Photo gallery is down


After all that work, the photo gallery is down. I tried to upgrade to menalto gallery version 3, and its whacked something.

Photo Gallery online!


I have the beginnings of my photo gallery online.

It’s over here

I’m just beginning at this, so please comment away. Be honest, I can’t improve without good criticism.

New Stuff


I’ve been working on getting my digital photos organized, and will have them available soon.



Somedays it isn’t worth chewing through the leather straps in the morning. – Emo Phillips

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